This control panel is powered by the most comprehensive set of features for end users that you can find on the market today. Its windows XP like intuitive inteface enables end users to start managing their domains in couple of minutes.


300 MB Storage
10 GB Transfer
20 POP Accounts

Demo Plesk 7.5
Domain Level Control Panel

Password: plesk

Domain manager
This domain level control panel can be enabled using the master control panel. You can give this control panel to your end clients, so that they can perform their routine functions independently. Moreover you can brand their control panel with your logo or banner. 


PELSK reloaded features
SPAM Filter
Through Plesk, you can addon vital email protection. Enable and disable SPAM filter on your mailboxes. Additionally, you get an option to mark your spam mail subject as SPAM or delete the spam the moment it reaches your mailbox. Besides this you can define the level of SPAM tolerance from 1-10.
Sub-Domain Management Interface
Plesk 7.5 provides users with an interface to create Subdomains inside their Primary domains, including FTP user assignment and scripting.

Site Builder Tools

Plesk 7.5 includes a powerful CMS website building tool free on every domain! You will have the ability to create and deploy websites as well as edit uploaded html pages quickly and directly in WYSIWYG format.

Interface Session Manager with Simultaneous Login Management

Plesk 7.5 includes the ability for Users to allow/disallow simultaneous logins as well as view, manage and delete current sessions in the interface.
Control Panel uses extensive security measures to assure your system of the highest possible integrity and protection.
  • It uses secure HTTP ( HTTPS ) protocol. All documents and communications between users and the server are fully encrypted and secure.
  • It uses the suexec feature of the Apache web server for secure CGI operation.
  • It chooses the Qmail mail system and ProFTPd ftp system both of which maintain the highest security standards in their respective fields of service.
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