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Where we come from
Since 2000 eClarity has been developing e-commerce projects, developing web projects, designing sites, hosting, and offering a range of internet solutions for businesses. We are very passionate about every project we take. We insist our clients will make the right decision, and make sure they know all the facts before choosing a solution.
Our extensive knowledge in this field will help you get the results you want. eClarity sees your web presence as an extension for your business. To implement your solution, we will plan, develop, integrate and extend your enterprise solution to the web, helping your organization be more effective and efficient, hence, increasing your bottom line. Our solutions are easily deployed and managed at a lower cost.
The latest server technologies including PHP, ASP, SQL
Intel Dual Xeon web servers

Our Service Provider has joined eight (8) different Tier one backbone providers together to form the best network infrastructure in the industry. If you want the lowest ping times, lowest latency, and best redundancy available, host with us. Our backbone border routers are Juniper M20's and our fully redundant switching layer comprises a certified six pack design of Cisco™ 6500 series switches. All customer access switches in the datacenter, and there are hundreds of them, are Cisco™ 2950 series switches designed for maximum performance and uptime availability. Our current backbone provider list running the BGP4 protocol is listed below.



Our Service Provider's facility infrastructure starts with several diverse OC48 SONET fiber rings, providing the basic connectivity to eight different Internet access carriers. Our 35,000 square foot datacenter is state of the art. The bare essentials are: A preaction dry-pipe sprinkler system with 580 smoke detectors and a VESDA contaminate system to create a full proof fire prevention system. 23 - 26 ton Data Aire down flow air conditioners designed to run in complete redundancy for maximum cooling. 6 -500KVA Powerware UPS battery backup systems with 90 batteries each (540 total) for up to 80 minutes of UPS battery backup power. 2 - Cummins backup generators. Big Moe, that's his name, is a 1.5Megawatt 16 cylinder diesel with a 2200 gallon diesel fuel tank. Little Joe, the not-so-small guy, is a 1.0Megawatt 12 cylinder diesel with a 2000 gallon diesel fuel tank. We can operate for 15 days on generator power without a refuel. Couple these generators with our three input electrical feeds to two different city grids in downtown Dallas and our uptime guarantee on power is 100%.


99.9% uptime guarantee. We stand by our SLA. If we fail to deliver the level of service as promised, you get dollars off your bill. It's that easy.



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